LoveSurf Girl: Christina Tami

Bio: About two months after birth, I had my feet in the sand by the ocean.  The beach has been a part of my life since that very moment, and always has been.  Growing up on the coast of Peru and having the ocean as my backyard made my life very connected with nature. As a child I enjoyed body-boarding, running, playing, and doing everything I could possibly do on the beach.  I participated in many sports at school, but it wasn’t till my teens that surfing took over my world. I had a great connection with the ocean and I could express myself and show my true athletic skills.  I picked it up within a year, and my determination got me into the Peruvian nationals. Two years later I was on tour on ALAS, the Latin American tour, representing my country. My parents, my school, and Rip Curl were my main sponsors at the time and they were extremely supportive. I competed for 5 years and then I had to leave the tour because I got a scholarship to go to school in Boca Raton, Florida. I created a surf club at my university and also became part of the fashion management association.  I figured skateboarding was …

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