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Paddle Into Fitness’ Gillian Gibree SUP Yoga Tips

Yoga on a SUP board helps work out rarely used muscles Yoga isn’t easy to begin with (not many people can readily twist themselves into figurative pretzels), and it’s gotten progressively tougher thanks to variations like sweat-inducing Bikram and inverted trapeze yoga. But no form of yoga fires up those little (and rarely used) muscles quite like stand-up paddleboarding yoga, the art of stretching out while perched on a SUP board in the middle of the water. SUP yoga is relatively new, too, with the first weekly classes sprouting up in San Diego about three years ago. The woman behind the craze? Paddle Into Fitness’ Gillian Gibree, the lanky blonde beauty you may recognize as one of the models from the new Roxy Outdoor Fitness campaign. The Massachusetts native grew up life guarding, ocean swimming, and surfing on Cape Cod, but it wasn’t until she moved to San Diego that she decided to combine two of her favorite fitness pursuits—yoga and standup paddleboarding—and launch the first set of weekly SUP yoga classes through her company, “Paddle Into Fitness.” Here, we catch up with Gillian to get the scoop on the benefits of yoga on the water and her tips for getting started. What …

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Fitness Tip: 3 Yoga Poses for Surfers

Camel PoseImproves the flexibility of the neck and spine and relieves backache.How To Get Into the Pose Come down to the floor on your knees. Bring your legs hip-distance apart. Tuck your toes back. Bring your hands to your lower back. Let your head and chest fall back. Bring your hands to your heels. If you cannot reach your heels, then keep your hands on your lower back. Bring your hips forward. Upward Facing DogThis is the same motion you use when you’re getting up on the board.How to Get Into the Pose Lie down on your stomach.. Bring your legs straight back behind you. Make sure the tops of our feet are on the floor. Bend your elbows and place your hands by your hips. Spread your fingertips wide apart. Press into your hands to straighten your arms. Lift your chest up and slightly back, if you can. Keep your thighs active. Press into your hands and the tops of your feet, see if you can lift your thighs off the floor. Look straight ahead. Hold for 30 to 45 seconds. Warrior 3This pose helps surfers with improving their balance.How To Get Into the Pose Stand Up. Balance on …

Fitness Tip: 3 Yoga Poses for Surfers Read More »

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