The Right Clothes for the Right Activity


The types of workout clothing you choose will depend greatly on the activities in which you are engaged.  There are certain pieces that are very appropriate for some activities and some that are better for others.  In order to determine the best type of workout gear for the activities in which you engage, think first about how your body moves during your activity.  LoveSurf has workout clothing that can meet almost any type of workout need.

If you are a runner, for example, you want running wear that moves with your body.  Running gear should be loose-fitting enough at the arms and legs to provide easy movement but not so loose that it causes your clothing to flap, possibly distracting you or causing you to trip.  Ideally, running gear will be clingy but stretchy, conforming to your body but allowing you freedom of movement.

Surfers and swimmers have different fashion needs.  Although fitness fashion for swimmers and surfers should include water-resistant qualities, it is also important that surf wear and swim wear fit well.  Board shorts or pants can be the best choice for this activity as it provides a great deal of flexibility in fit for different movements.  Board shorts also provide protection from chafing and rashes caused by “board burn,” the skin damage that takes place from jumping onto a board over and over.  Swim suits should also provide great capacity for movement and should stay in place during exercise.

Yoga and Pilates practitioners and those who work out at the gym can usually get by just fine with comfortable, moisture-wicking clothing that is loose enough to move with the body.  Many yoga and Pilates workout outfits are made of breathable, stretchable fabric that keeps you cool and removes moisture from the skin.

Underneath all your workout gear is a set of foundational garments that can have just as much impact on your level of comfort as your outer gear.  It is very important to have support for your workout activities.  You want the best sports bra you can find.  This not only keeps you from “binding up” during your workout but also supports you while you move.

Whether you enjoy surfing and swimming, jogging, yoga or any other form of working out, you can find the perfect workout clothing at LoveSurf.



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