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If you live in an area with easy access to the ocean or a pool most of the year, chances are that water sports are high on your workout list.  Many people who live close to beaches or in warm climates prefer to exercise in the water, and who can blame them?  You stay cooler and get a great workout in less time with most water sports than you do with other types of exercise.  For those who make working out in the water their primary form of exercise, LoveSurf offers a great lineup of swimsuits, paddle boarding apparel and women’s surf apparel as well as accessories.

Recent years have seen an upsurge of interest in water activities of various types that were not popular a few years ago.  For example, stand-up paddle boarding is a sport that has become tremendously popular in the past few years.  Kayaking is another sport that is enjoying a great vogue right now, both on rivers and the ocean.  Surfing has been popular for years, but now more and more people are finding joy in hitting the waves.

LoveSurf offers a wide variety of sports clothing suitable for water activities.  From swim suits to board shorts, t-shirts and cover-ups, you can find anything you need for your water sport activities at LoveSurf.

LoveSurf has a large line of good-looking swimsuits made both for lounging around the pool and for hard wear during surfing, paddle boarding and other sports.  While many people choose to wear “regular” bathing suits to surf, it is important to have flexibility and good coverage.  This means that surfers and paddle boarders often choose board shorts, a type of swimwear that can be rolled up or down at the top or bottom and will provide flexible fit, coverage and protection from rash caused by surfboards.

Some water sports such as kayaking may require more than a swimsuit as well.  Many water sports take place in cooler water and sports enthusiasts require a bit more coverage.  Swim suits and wet suits that provide built-in sunblock protection are often ideal for these situations, while some people prefer a lightweight, durable pullover top to insulate body heat.

No matter what type of water sport you prefer, it is easy to find what you are looking for in fashion and fitness in LoveSurf’s huge online catalog.



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