Proudly Presenting our Short Film “We are LOVESURF.” 

Embracing our California roots and active beach culture, we strive to promote health, happiness, and inspiration throughout everything we do from sunrise to sunset. Our Swim-to-Gym active line is for the girl who seeks non-stop adventure whether she’s on land or in the sea. The concept behind the Swim-to-Gym collection is simple, comfortable and stylish pieces to be worn in and out of the water. Each piece is quick-drying, packable and functional, perfect for those who like to take a dip in the ocean after a beach run.

Our short film was shot in the heart of San Clemente by the talented folks at the Wonderland Group and produced by Agency GLOW. Our goal was to perfectly capture the LOVESURF lifestyle. “We are LOVESURF” encapsulates the day in the life of the LOVESURF girl, starting off her day well before sunrise and continuing a happy and active life into the twilight hours.

Huge props to our model Rayne Gourley who braved the freezing ocean water and was up before dawn to perfectly embody the LOVESURF lifestyle. It was amazing to watch the breathtaking, cotton candy sunrise to kick off the first scene of the short film. Rayne was such a pleasure to work with and we consider her a true LOVESURF girl. We loved her dedication to get the perfect shot! Wearing a bikini at the crack of dawn is no joke. We kicked off the morning with some basic gym exercises that required minimal equipment to get the “GYM” concept going. She did a great job and we wrapped that scene up well under a half hour. Getting into the ocean for the “SWIM” concept was a different story! With the ocean water and air temperature being the same temperature, Rayne showed no fear in jumping in with her board (courtesy of Canvas Surfboards) in the Seaglass Surf Capris and Oasis Crossback Top. Talk about a serious wake up call after some grueling duck dives and salty hair flips. We wrapped filming within a few hours being way ahead of schedule! See below for some BTS shots.

Thank you for watching! We are thrilled to have you embark on yet another adventure with us.





From top left to right
Oasis Crossback Bikini Top in Pink
LOVESURF Life + Style Crop Tee
Surf Capri in Seaglass
Swim-to-Gym Fitness Short
Seaside Bikini Bottom in Boho Sunset

“We Are LOVESURF” was originally published on LoveSurf Life+Style

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